Terms And Conditions

These terms are valid and apply from the 1st of November 2017. For historic Terms and Conditions, please contact us.

Thank you for joining Karma Computing! We’re thrilled to have you as part of our telecoms family. This document sets out the agreement between the customer (you or ‘user’) and Karma Computing Ltd (us - we’ll refer to ‘us’ from now) regarding your telecom and broadband package with us. Please give this document a good read, it’s pretty boring but very important.

By using your chosen Karma Computing service(s) you are agreeing to the terms and conditions set out below that relate to those service(s) including any changes to them or the service(s) in accordance with these terms and conditions.

What's discussed in this document?

  • Privacy and Cookie notice
  • Important Terms of your KC Broadband Contract
  • What we provide to you
  • Acceptable Use Policy
  • Ending your Contract
  • Appendices

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Important Terms of your KC Broadband Contract

Your contract for the chosen product (ADSL or Fibre) has a minimum term, this is stated to you at the time of order, it starts the day that your line is activated by Openreach (the “minimum term”). We’ll include this date in your ‘welcome email’ and any official documentation that you either request from us, or that we send you. You must keep your chosen product for the duration of the minimum term, unless we either give authorisation for early termination, if you choose to leave early this will trigger an early termination charge (for a breakdown of this see ‘Ending your Contract’).

We will take the specified payment amount from your Direct Debit account each month. You should give us 1 month notice (30 days) that you’d like to leave. If this is during the "minimum term" period, we will charge you an early termination fee (see ‘Ending your Contract’).

All our fixed line broadband products have an unmetered allowance which means you can browse to your heart’s content. But for the ‘greater good’ traffic management may be activated on your line if you excessively down/upload data. For more information about this, please see ‘Acceptable Use Policy’.

Our prices may change, if this happens we'll always contact you within 14 days notice and allow you to move away without penalty within 14 days.

We rely on Openreach and Gamma’s network infrastructure to deliver your telephony and broadband services, so whilst we ensure our service is top-notch, external factors that we cannot control may cause your connection to slow or drop. Please use our Knowledge Base to explore how to make the most of your service.


What we are responsible for:

  • Any equipment we've sent to you (such as a modem) that allows you to connect to our services
  • Openreach are responsible for the physical connection from your master socket to the OpenReach network

What we're not responsible for:

  • Any faults caused by internal wiring faults, user damage to internal cabling & user damage to the master socket
  • Any delay or failure caused by something beyond our reasonable control. This could be things such as lightning, flood, severe weather, fire, explosion, terrorist activities, epidemic, riots, war, anything done by a government or other public authority, or strikes or other industrial action.
  • You breaking the agreement.
  • Any loss you suffer caused by you using a service in a way that breaks the agreement.
  • Any commercial or businesses loss.
  • Any loss or damage caused by malware or the unauthorised use of a service on any of your devices.
  • Any loss of, corruption of or release of data or information.
  • Any failure of safety, security or other alarm systems due to incompatibility with a service, or any other reason which is not due to our fault or neglect.
  • You using any equipment or hardware we haven't supplied.
  • Losses which we couldn’t reasonably have expected or which we couldn’t have considered when entering into the agreement.
  • Any content or material belonging to other people or companies which you might be able to access through our services. So we can't guarantee to protect you from seeing things you might be offended by.

What we provide to you

  1. We provide a service consisting of:

    • High speed internet access provided through the Openreach telephone network, either using copper cabling, fibre optic cabling or a mixture of both
    • Standard landline telephony service with a UK telephone number (using the UK phone area code linked to your location) that allows for in/outbound calls
      • If unlimited phone package is selected, unlimited outbound calls to 01/02/03/0800 numbers (subject to fair use policy, see 'Acceptable Usage Policy')
    • Support, where reasonable, if your service is interrupted or you have billing queries
  2. We will also provide the equipment necessary for you to connect to the internet using our service, this is typically posted out to the end-user a couple days before the service is set to go-live. However this is not guaranteed due to external factors. All posted equipment comes with an instructions booklet that is emailed to the end-user, at no time will any instructions require the end-user to carry out electrical work or anything of risk.

  3. Some installations will require an engineer, so we will schedule those and inform you of those dates

Making the most of your services

So you’re online, raring to go… here’s some handy tips and tricks (and legal mumbo jumbo) that will ensure you get the best service.

  1. We recommend you install anti-virus software on all devices to ensure you’re protected from viruses and malware
    • We’re no way responsible for any viruses, malware, spyware or unauthorised programs being installed or executed on any devices connected to our internet service.
  2. Please use your master phone socket, it means you’ll get the best possible service and it keeps us happy as you’re less likely to experience service outages - if you need help finding this, see the appendices of this document
  3. Please place your router somewhere central, well ventilated and in open space. This will ensure you get good wireless range and speed whilst also improving the life and operation of your router
  4. You'll need a landline phone in order to use any calling packages, we do not supply a landline phone but if you require recommendations as to which phones are compatible we'll be happy to help.

Acceptable Usage Policy

Our network and services should only be used for lawful purposes, in accordance with all laws, statues and regulations in force in the United Kingdom (“laws”).

  • Please don’t (you must not) use KC Broadband to send, access, store, distribute, transmit, post, upload or download any material or data that:
  • Violates any law
  • Is defamatory, offensive, abusive, obscene or constitutes harassment
  • Is or may be harmful to minors
  • Promotes or encourages illegal or socially unacceptable or irresponsible behaviour
  • Is in breach of any third part rights
  • Has any fraudulent purposes or effect or involves you impersonating another person or otherwise misrepresenting yourself as the source of any communication; or
  • Damages or may damage our rights or the rights of our sub-contractors or agents

Our carrier network has in place technical measures to prevent you from accessing certain websites that contain illegal images of child abuse that are identified from time to time by the Internet Watch Foundation (“IWF”). Although these filters are comprehensive, they do not provide an absolute guarantee that you will be unable to view such illegal images on the internet. In addition, these measures do not filter other content which you may find distasteful, such as “adult” material. On this basis, we recommend that you consider installing additional software on your computer to prevent access to inappropriate websites or content on the internet. For further information regarding the IWF, please visit their website at www.iwf.org.uk.

You are responsible for all materials and/or data originating from the machines and/or networks that you have connected to our networks. You must immediately disconnect (and subsequently secure prior to reconnection) machines generating materials and/or data which contravene this AUP once notified of such activity by us.

Ending your Contract

We’ll be sad to see you go, but we understand that you may wish to move providers for any number of reasons. Remember, if you’re still within your Minimum Term, we’ll charge you an early termination fee. You’ll need to give us a one month notice too, otherwise we’ll assume you want to stay!

Ending after your minimum term

If your contract has passed the minimum required term for the package you've selected, you're free to leave without a charge. Make sure you give us 1 month notice, after you've told us your service will be terminated after 30 days.

Ending before your minimum term

At the time of writing standard ADSL broadband has a minimum term of 3 months from the date of your line being activated, standard fibre broadband is 12 months. If you wish to leave during your minimum term, we’ll charge you for the remaining months. For example, if you were to leave a Fibre contract 4 months in (therefore 8 months early) we'd charge you for the 8 months of remaining service.

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