Using Your Own Modem

We know some customers prefer to use their own modem, this may be because you've already spent hours and hours configuring it or because it's a fancy one with super duper specs. We're happy for customers to use their own modem, in order to get connected you'll need your DSL credentials from us. Just drop us an email or start a chat using the widget and we'll be happy to help.

Use these guides for some configuration you may need, e.g. VCI/VPI config:

Important: Fibre or Fibre Plus

If you wish to use your own modem and you subscribe to either our Fibre or Fibre Plus package then you'll need to make sure your modem is MCT compliant. When asking us for your DSL credentials we'll have to take some more details regarding your modem to make sure it's compatible with our network. If it turns out your modem hasn't been tested, then unfortunately you won't be able to use this modem. This is purely to prevent your service being terminated by Openreach. We will provide you with your DSL credentials, because we believe you should be able to decide which modem you would like to use, however Karma Computing does not recommend nor endorse the use of a non-MCT compliant modem nor shall be held responsible for termination of service, any fines/fees or other changes levied by Openreach for using a non-MCT capable modem.

Failure to use a MCT compliant VDSL modem will result in termination of service by our carrier network.

What's MCT?

MCT (Modem Conformance Test) is a series of tests carried out by Openreach to make sure a modem is fully compatible with the core VDSL network. Openreach run loopback tests on their network constantly to check that all modems connected to the network are MCT compliant. This is done to prevent a user's modem from impacting the core network and having the potential to interfere with other connections. For a list of MCT compliant modems, check out this page.

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